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       The 52nd Pear Blossom Festival
HERE!!! So...
Let's dance!

Friday may be done,
But there is still more fun!!!
Yep, tell all your friends and neighbors so they don't
miss the rest of the fun!

There is a lot of Square & Round dancing festivities and fun 
in our beautiful Oregon Rogue Valley area.
The area clubs, callers & cuers and dancers all hope you all come to this wonderful and exciting festival!
But most of all, come have some FUN!
Our Square and Round dance activties are great ways to get exercise for the mind, body and soul, but also doing fun things with fun people is what it's all about! Keep our activity alive and well, talk to everyone you know and even to people you don't know and together

There is a lot of Square & Round dancing in our very own beautiful Rogue Valley!!


    During the year of 1965 there were four Square Dance Clubs in the
Medford Oregon area.  They were The Twirlers of Medford, The
Ramblin Rogues of Medford, The Southern Oregon Singles and
The Star Promenades’ of Medford.  At this time they decided to form a
committee to bring all Square Dancers in the area closer together. 
They also wanted to intertwine square dancing with the local community festivities and bring to the community the fun and comradery we
experience in square dancing. Thus a committee was formed called
"The Pear Blossom Square Dance Committee" to correspond with the local festival and consisted of members from all four Clubs. 
The dance was to be held during the Second full week-end in April,
as this was the time that all of the pear orchards are in bloom.
   The first annual Square Dance was held in April 1966 and was a huge success. It has been going on ever since. As the years went by Square
Dancing was starting to deminish with members and over the years three
of the four clubs were forced to close down.  The Star Promenaders continued
on with the help of additional clubs that were formed or already in existence in the Rogue Sis-Q Council.  Square Dance Clubs now on the committee are the Star Promenaders, Charlie Brown Squares, Circle N Square and Rogue Squares. This committee is open to any and all Rogue Valley Square Dancers and Square Dance Clubs that want to help bring all Square Dancers closer together and to keep the fun in Square Dancing.


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