Pear Blossom Committee


The PBC (Pear Blossom Committee) is always planning and always trying to think of new fun things to do! If you would like to join the fun, our meetings are at Round Table in Medford on the 1st Tuesday of the month, we eat at 6pm meeting’s at 6:30pm.

Volunteers are always welcome! Please contact your club rep for info just in case the meeting place or time has changed in any way.

Contact or Call a PBC member or officer for info and such!


The 2020/2021 Pear Blossom Committee -

Chairperson - Lois Muck

Vice Chairperson - Lorri McIntosh

Secretary/Treasurer - Debbie Gent

Caller Advisor - Phil Ramey

Historian/Circle N Square Rep - Ron Hayes

Charlie Brown Squares Reps - Lorri McIntosh

Star Promenaders Reps - Grace & Harry Glavin

Our committee has many helpers from all the participating clubs and organizations who join us to make your festival fun and exciting.


Charlie Browns Squares

Circle N Square

Star Promenader's

Rogue Sis Q Council

Rogue Valley Callers & Cuers