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Eric has been calling since 1980.   Eric’s profession as an insurance broker in the San Francisco Bay Area allows him the flexibility to travel.  He has called in several states, as well as Japan, Belgium, and Germany.  He calls at all levels from basic through C2 and will occasionally cue a Phase III or IV Round Dance.

He has recorded on Gold Wing/Fine Tune Records and currently records on Blue Star.  He is happy to have released several popular singing calls, including “Beautiful Sunday”, “Alright, OK”, “Walking on Sunshine” and many others.

Eric serves on the Board of Governors of CALLERLAB and previously chaired the Plus Committee.  He has served on the CALLERLAB Executive Committee and currently serves on several other CALLERLAB committees, all with the focus on attracting and retaining dancers.


I began square and round dancing in the Fall of 2011. I grew up watching my grandparents dance, but always resisted joining them. I so wish I could have had the chance to dance with Grandma and Grandpa Jones, as I definitely caught the dance fever once I began, and find nothing but joy when I am dancing, cueing and teaching!!!  However, there is no doubt that they are dancing beside me now!

In 2017, some dancers asked me to help them with their round dancing and so I obtained my RoundALab license, with the intention to “just help them.” That plan soon included an Amateur nite and before I knew it I was cueing my first dance and teaching my first class in the Fall of 2017.

I have been incredibly blessed to cue with some of my favorite callers, and am lucky enough to call them all friends. I also have an amazing group of mentors and cuers that are friends and who I can always go to with questions!! The square and round dance community includes some of the most generous people I know. I am so grateful for all the support I’ve been given by callers, cuers, dancers, friends and family.

I have my own round dance group, Rikki’s Rounds, in Grants Pass. We have a great time every Monday for class and I am so thankful for my dancers generous support!!  I have published 7 dances so far and am incredibly blessed to have 3 of them as NCRDTA ROMs (Ph III Cha “On A Roll”, Ph IV Rumba “Love & Hate” & Ph V Rumba “Kicking Off Your Shoes”). I have been a featured or support cuer at several festivals, including Pear Blossom, Diamond Lake, Oregon Summer Festival, Luck of The Umpqua, Silver State Festival and Kitsap Kaper.  

You can find out where I am cueing or information on classes etc at my website www.rikkisrounds.com  



Caller: Eric Henerlau

Cuer: Rikki Lobato




2024 - Tim Pepper and MaryAnn Callahan

2023 -Dan Preedy and Deb Vogt

2022 - Mike Haworth  and Rikki Lobato

2021- Charlie Robertson and MaryAnn Callahan

2020- Festival Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

2019- Jet Roberts and Christina Corelli

2018- Eric Henerlau and Dan Drumhiller

2017- Charlie Fagan and MaryAnn Callahan

2016- Ken Ritucci and Milo Molitoris